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Products & Services

International Fine Chemistry

In our work with the water and air treatment industry we develop new materials and methods to remove residual contaminations. As a result of our initiatives we have introduced to the industry 2 revolutionary new products; MetSponge filtration media and H2Sponge filtration media.

MetSponge Filtration Media

MetSponge is a metals absorber that inexpensively removes metals in water streams to sub ppm levels. Learn More >

H2Sponge Filtration Media

H2Sponge is a powdered Hydrogen Sulfide filter media. Developed for the Oil industry it is currently showing tremendous results in field trials in the removal of H2S gases. Learn More >

Plastic Technology & Services

Our team of Plastic specialists include over a half century of expreience in the Engineering Resins Industry - covering the complete gamut of Technology, Development, Raw Materials, and Manufacturing. Having training and experience in best practice methodology, improvements and solutions. These skills are recently demonstrated in the installation of IFC's Advanced Cryogenic Reduction Facility. Learn More >

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