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Plastic Services

Plastic & Raw Materials Development

Our team of Plastic specialists include over a half century of experience in the Engineering Resins Industry - covering the complete gamut of Technology, Development, Raw Materials, and Manufacturing. Having training and experience in best practice methodology, improvements and solutions. These skills are recently demonstrated in the installation of IFC's Advanced Cryogenic Reduction Facility.

Advanced Cryogenic Reduction Facility

More recently, having an abundance of experience in the Plastic Industry, we have expanded our scope to include Technical Plastic Services, Raw Material Development, and have designed and installed the Worlds latest state-of-the-art Cyrogenic Grinding Facility.

Cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen is an effective means of obtaining ultra-fine and uniform particle size, while improving product quality and stability as well as production rates. Cryogenic grinding systems combine high-performance fine grinding with cryogenic cooling, providing a tightly controlled process environment required by this level of product reduction.

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