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MetSponge Filtration Media

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MetSponge is a metals absorber that inexpensively removes metals in water streams to sub-ppm levels. It consists of an inorganic substrate onto which we have developed a method to attach an extremely efficient and widely applicable chelator system.

This chelator is applied to the surface of a substrate and strongly binds metals, typically with a change of color to the substrate. Under typical operating conditions this binding is nearly irreversible. The associated color can be convenient in that it can be used to visually monitor the degree of metal uptake in the absorber material. The inorganic substrate is not water soluble and allows MetSponge to be used as a filter media.

The mechanism of action is similar to that of Fe chelation by porhyrins in red blood cells. We have developed an inexpensive method to apply this chemistry to the surface of relatively large particles (approximately ΒΌ millimeter) that can be used as a filter medium that can be filtered out of a water stream.

MetSponge metal absorber will remove metals such as Hg, Fe, Cu, Ni, and Ar to sub-ppm levels.

MetSponge will be most effective in industries such as Metal Plating, Wastewater recycling industry, Large Manufacturing facilities, and any facilities where metal contamination in water flow is an issue.

Studies are ongoing to establish basic guidelines and recommendations on usage. However actual metal reduction results will be determined by levels and types of metal contaminates as well as filtering processes and equipment. Controlled test results are available upon request.

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